Best Care for Your Leather Car and Motorcycle Seats

Best Care for Your Leather Car and Motorcycle Seats, Best Care for Your Leather Car and Motorcycle SeatsWhen it comes to premium interiors for cars, leather seats add a definite luxury touch. When you invest in leather for your car or motorcycle seats, you want to make sure you are cleaning them with the right products.

There are many DIY solutions out there but we recommend Lexol Leather Deep Cleaner. Lexol Leather Deep Cleaner removes dirt and grime but also it can restore your leather interior and rivive its appearance.

Here are 3 reasons why using a product made especially for cleaning your leather with Lexol Leather Deep Cleaner is the best choice:

1. Designed just for leather

You may have read that toothpaste is good for cleaning leather but would you take a chance on your expensive leather seats with something made to clean your teeth? No! Trust a formula that was specifically created to clean your leather and keep it looking its best.

2. No unnecessary additives

Some cleaners on the market contain waxes, oils or additives that can interfere with their ability to clean leather well. Lexol is additive-free.

3. No sticky residue

Sub-par or DIY products might get the surface clean but they often leave behind a sticky or tacky residue. Lexol Deep Leather Cleaner rinses easily and wipes away leaving none of that tacky residue behind to interfere with the enjoyment of your beautiful leather car interior or motorcycle seat.

Need more reasons to check out our Lexol Deep Leather Cleanser? It not only works on your leather car interior or motorcycle seats but it’s great for other leather products too like furniture, handbags, sports equipment and more!

Visit our shop today to order your Lexol Leather Deep Cleaner and be sure to keep your car and motorcycle leather looking fantastic!

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