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What is a headliner?

The headliner is the board that the fabric on the ceiling of your vehicle is attached to above your head.

Does Ride City Customs fix sagging headliner material?

Yes. We fix headliners and it’s usually (in most cases) a one day job. After your initial estimate and we match the color with our OEM headliner color sample chart , or custom material of your liking ,.ie suede or vinyl of your liking, you will be asked to put down a small deposit. At that time we will order your headliner material which (in most cases) will come in the next day (2-3 days on non traditional materials). We will schedule you to bring in your vehicle for the next available opening and you will have it back later that same day. Most customers drop off their vehicle before going to work and pick it back up on their way home thus keeping the down time to a minimal.

If my headliner is only coming down in one small section can you repair it without having to recover the whole thing?

We at Ride City Customs prefer not to do those types of repairs because they’re only temporary fixes and it doesn’t fix the real issue. The fact is that the reason it started coming down in the first place is because the foam backing of the headliner material has started to break down and is separating from the material itself so if you try to shoot headliner glue on it to reattach it to the board the glue is just sticking to the disintegrating foam and will fall right back down in a very short time period thus you’re right back in the same predicament you started in and the fix was just a waste of time and money. We would rather do it right the first time and make you a happy customer.

I have a burn hole/tear in my seat. Can Ride City repair that?

Yes. That is one of the most common repairs we do. We at Ride City do not use a liquid solution to fix the problem, we actually take out the affected section and replace it with OEM matching material so its like the burn/tear was never there, thus keeping the value of your car up. And is normally (in most cases) a same day job. Drop it off in the morning and pick it up later that day.

What do I get with a full interior from Ride City Customs?

Ride City’s full interior jobs include: seats, headliner, door panels, dashboard, carpet, package tray, all plastic moldings and consoles. Although seat belts are not included in our full interior packages, you can add that option for an additional fee.

How much does a full interior job cost?

There is not a “one size fits all” approach to pricing a full interior. There are alot of variables that can affect the cost of a full interior job like current condition of the existing interior, type of cloth, vinyl or leather that will be used, any repairs that need to be made to broken parts, design, etc. The best thing to do is give Ride City Customs a call and schedule an estimate so we can discuss all the particulars that fit your needs and desires, select what type of material you would like to use and so on. Best of all, the estimate is free! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today! We look forward to making your dreams become reality.

How long does a full interior normally take to do?

A full interior generally takes 4-6 weeks to complete from start to finish. Ride City Customs take pride in putting out quality work that you will be happy with. You’re vehicle is a moving billboard for Ride City so we want to make sure it says QUALITY.

I know Ride City Customs can fix the tear in my seat but I also have foam damage as a result of the the tear. Can Ride City Customs fix that too?

Yes. Ride City Customs also offers foam repair. there is an additional cost for foam repair but its a very minimal cost and is well worth it.

Does Ride City Customs offer custom fiberglass work?

Yes. Ride City Customs can do custom fiberglass work to fit your needs and desires. we can make custom door panels, kick panels, dash boards, etc. Custom fiberglass really makes your interior stand out from the rest and we can either wrap it in the same material thats in your vehicle or have it custom painted. The choice is yours!

Does Ride City Customs do stereo installations?

Yes. We also sell most major brand stereo products!

What is a remote starter and why would I want it on my car?

A remote starter is a module that is installed on your car that comes with a key fob (wireless remote) so you can start your car without actually being in your car . Its great for heating your car in the winter or cooling your car in the heat of the summer. with a remote start there wont be a need to scrape your windows of frost in the winter or getting in a sweltering hot vehicle in the summer. Just simply set your AC/heat in your car to the desired temperature before you exit the vehicle so when you use your remote to start it the AC/heat will automatically start. It can be installed the same day. Great feature!

Can someone drive off in my car if I use my remote start to start it?

No. As soon as the brake is pressed, the vehicle automatically shuts off. You have to actually put the key in the ignition and turn it to the on position for the vehicle to be able to drive or, if your vehicle is equipped with push button start (like late model Lexus for example), the key fob would still have to be in the vacinity.

Does Ride City Customs install heated/cooling seats?

Yes. we install heated or cooling seat units and can be installed the same day so no need to leave the vehicle over night.